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Refreshing Summer—Homemade Pea Jelly
July 02, 2022  |  refreshing,cold dishes,snacks,stay-at-home,summer
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Pea starch is rich in lysine, which is one of the essential amino acids of the human body. It can promote human development, enhance immune function, and improve central nervous system.

appropriate amount Salt
700g Water
appropriate amount Soy sauce
appropriate amount chili oil
appropriate amount vinegar
100g pea starch water
100g pea starch

  • Take a container and pour 100g of the Xinliang pea starch; pour 100g of water and stir to form a pea gouache;
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  • Boil 700g water; pour the peas water starch into the boiling water while stirring; use a manual stirrer in the pot to keep stirring; turn off the fire when it has transparent gel;
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  • Pour quickly into the prepared container and let it cool;
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  • Cut or plane it into strips, use cucumber shreds as a base, and add your favorite seasoning.
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About the recipes “The iced jelly likens a fish, which remains the coldness on the teeth. Intense flavor or light flavor depends on yourself, and what really matters is the cold taste rather than the sour one,” a poem praises. As the weather gets hotter, jelly enjoys growing popularity among the public, more frequent appearing on our table.
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