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Autumn Health Old Duck Soup Nourish Your Body without Gaining Weight
October 22, 2021  |  autumn tonic,duck,duck soup,relieve a cough,nourish the stomach
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Duck is a good dish at the table, and a good food for people to supplement. The nutritional value of duck meat is similar to that of chicken. And it is better for people who have weakness, poor appetite or fever.

5ml Cooking wine
5g Salt
10g Ginger
1500ml Water
600g Duck
5g Scallion
2g Chinese prickly ash
3g Bay leaf

  • Cut duck into small pieces, remove the skin to prevent the soup from becoming too greasy. And bring it to a boil.
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  • When the water boils, remove the froth from the pot. Then use oil absorption paper to suck out the excess oil. Then pour it into the casserole and keep cooking.
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  • Add the scallion, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, bay leaf, cooking wine and a little salt. Cook for another two hours.
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  • Finally, add salt according to personal taste.
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About the recipes Duck meat is cold, which has the functions of nourishing the Yin of the five internal organs, clearing the heat of consumptive disease, nourishing the stomach to improve the production of body fluid, relieving a cough, calming down and so on. So it is best for autumn nourishment. So this share is little fat old duck soup which is nourishing but not fleshy. You can have two benefits at the same time.
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