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The Preferred Soup for Autumn Nourishment Lotus Root Cuttlefish Soup
November 19, 2023  |  Lotus root,Chicken feet,Lotus Root Cuttlefish Soup
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The cuttlefish eggs have excellent functions of nourishing Yin and blood. Li shizhen called the cuttlefish "blood component". It is the treasure for women who are anemia, amenorrhea or have blood deficiency. It is good to use cuttlefish during menstruation, pregnancy, delivery and lactation. Cuttlefish contains a large amount of bezoar acid, which can inhibit the cholesterol content in the blood, relieve fatigue, restore vision and improve liver function.

appropriate amountg Cooking wine
2.00pcs Ginger
2.00pcs Red dates
2.00pcs Materials
2.00pcs Cuttlefish
5.00pcs Chicken feet
appropriate amountg Lotus seed

  • Buy chicken feet and clean them. Boil a pot of boiling water and pour in a small amount of cooking wine. Put down the chicken feet, remove chicken feet after discoloration and rinse with cold water. Soak in cold water for a while which gives the feet elasticity.
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  • After cleaning lotus seeds and dates, soak them in a small bowl for 15 minutes( Dates can be patted with a knife, otherwise it is difficult to give off the taste.) With the precipitation of other effective components in medicinal herbs , material preparation is completed.
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  • When the time is up, add some salt then you can enjoy the delicious soup.
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About the recipes Drink lotus root soup in autumn can not only suit the season, but also can nourish Yin and blood. So it's definitely the best option for people who often stay up late and are not suitable for supplementary. Cuttlefish has the function of removing silt and tonifying liver and kidney. Cuttlefish is also available to people who anemia, dizziness, tinnitus, premature ejaculation, female irregular menstruation, less milk and so on.
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