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Autumn Regimen Porridge with Purple Rice and Red Dates
November 21, 2023  |  autumn regimen,porridge with purple rice and red dates,blood tonic,spleen strengthening
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Red bean and Red dates tonify Qi and enrich the blood. Purple rice is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can tonify the blood, invigorate the spleen and stimulate the appetite. So with its soft waxy taste, porridge with purple rice and red dates is unmissable for you.

40g Purple Rice
30g Red Bean
20g Rice
20g Sticky Rice
20g Millet
20g Red dates
appropriate amount Water

  • Prepare the grains you need.
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  • Wash the dates and set aside.
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  • Wash the rice and dates. Pour them into the pressure cooker and add some water.
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  • Turn on the porridge mode and wait for the delicious food.
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  • Add some sugar to make it more delicious.
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About the recipes Autumn is a special season. It is because its climate is gradually dry and the weather becomes cool which is easy to cause a cold, maybe the porridge is the most suitable food in this time to increase appetite .
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