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Autumn Health Starts with Moistening Dryness Apple Porcine spine Soup
November 24, 2023  |  Porcine spine,apple,bone marrow,Autumn health
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Bone soup has an anti-aging effect. This is because the most important part of human bone is the bone marrow. Red and white blood cells in the blood are formed in the bone marrow. With the increase of age and maturing of the body, the function of bone marrow producing red and white blood cells gradually declines, and the function of bone marrow decreases, which directly affects the ability of human metabolism.

appropriate amount Salt
5g Ginger
5g Red dates
appropriate amount Scallion
350g Porcine spine
single Corn
single apple

  • Slice the apple.
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  • The bones are first soaked in cold water to remove the blood. Add scallions and cooking wine. Then blanch and remove the bones.
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  • Put all the prepared ingredients into the pot of water, add water and boil for 40 minutes or one hour. Finally add a little salt.
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About the recipes Porcine spine Soup has rich nutritional value, so it is also a favorite dish for many people. Apple is sweet, slightly sour, cool, spleen-invigorating and lung channel invigorating. It has the functions in thirst quenching, clearing away heat, relieving trouble, moistening lung, stimulating the appetite, benefiting spleen and antidiarrheal. It's perfect for the fall.
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