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Not Getting Inflamed in Autumn Millet Pumpkin Bird's Nest Porridge
April 29, 2024  |  Pumpkin,Bird’ nest,Autumn health
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Pumpkin which is rich in pectin, vitamin A and vitamin C has the functions in protecting gastric mucosa, helping digestion, absorbing harmful substances in the body and preventing cancer. The polysaccharides in pumpkin can boost the body's immune system. Millet which is rich in vitamin B1/B12 has the functions of preventing indigestion and nourishing the stomach. At the same time, autumn and winter is also the mouth and other types of inflammation high incidence period. Eating millet has the effect of preventing all kinds of nerve inflammation and beriberi. Besides nourishing stomach and Yin, the bird's nest acid and epidermal growth factor in the bird' s nest can promote healing of inflammatory wounds.

appropriate amount Pumpkin
20g Millet
appropriate amount Rock sugar
3pcs Wolfberry
appropriate amount Bird’ nest

  • Soak millet for 1 hour in advance, add rock sugar and steam for 30 minutes with diced pumpkin. Mash them into mud and set aside.
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  • Cut the lid from the pumpkin, remove the seeds and carve decorative pattern. Cover the melon lid. Put them together into the steamer for 30 minutes.
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  • Take out the pumpkin and pour the millet pumpkin puree into the melon cup.
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  • Spoon the bird\'s nest into the pumpkin. Garnish with soaked wolfberry. Finish!
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About the recipes Dry autumn drink more porridge can moisten throat and skin. Among rice porridge, corn porridge, mung bean porridge and eight treasure porridge, most people like to eat millet and pumpkin porridge. The grains in the millet and pumpkin porridge is very small, and it's sweet and easy to swallow in your mouth which let you forget all the thirst and dryness of the day. Only in this way can people have the energy to devote to the work of the day.
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