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Archives The efficacy and benefits of oryzanol Guwei,Benefits,Efficiencies,Functions October 12, 2019

Many friends may not have heard of oryzanol, so oryzanol is a strange thing. In fact, oryzanol is a mixture of ferulic acid esters, which are mainly triterpene alcohols, extracted from rice oil, which is very common in our life. Oryzanol has many beneficial effects and effects on human health, so let's take a look next. What are the effects and rental uses of oryzanol?

1. Antiarrhythmia

Arrhythmia has a great impact on people, which requires correct treatment and conditioning. Oryzanol has the function of regulating autonomic nerve, which can significantly reduce the excitability of myocardium. Therefore, oryzanol has a better therapeutic effect on arrhythmia. Oryzanol can obviously reduce blood lipids and improve the blood supply of myocardium, thus alleviating arrhythmia.

2. Treatment of hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia is a disease with high morbidity, which poses a great threat to many people's health. It can be improved by taking oryzanol. When the human body takes oryzanol, it can cure the synthesis of cholesterol, thus reducing the production of blood lipids, thereby playing a role in reducing blood lipids. When oryzanol is administered orally, the dosage of oryzanol is larger, requiring 100 mg each time, three times a day and more than two months in a row.

3. Beauty and beauty

Oryzanol is called "cosmetology" by many women. After using oryzanol, people can reduce the fragility of capillaries, improve the ability of skin microvascular circulation, improve the skin problems of menopausal women, and also change the gloss of skin and reduce chapped conditions.

4. Promoting growth

Some children have developmental problems, so some parents will give their children oryzanol, according to the survey found that adolescents take oryzanol after the effect of increasing weight. In addition, oryzanol contains rich estrogen, which has a certain therapeutic effect on ovarian dysplasia.

5. Regulation of climacteric syndrome

Oryzanol is also commonly used in the adjuvant treatment of menopausal syndrome, which has a good effect on improving menopausal insomnia and anxiety.

The above is about the efficacy and role of oryzanol, I believe that through this article we have a more in-depth understanding of oryzanol, if you have the need for oryzanol in life, you can go to the regular pharmacy, under the guidance of doctors, to avoid buying fake products or incorrect methods of taking, endangering your health.

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