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Archives Reasons for finger peeling Why is finger peeling? Fingers,peeling,why,why,why,skin October 12, 2019

Believe that everyone has encountered the situation of finger peeling, some are the whole hand peeling, some are several fingers peeling, do you know why the finger peeling? Let's find out the reason for finger peeling.

1. Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are widely contained, but according to the physiological function of vitamins, we can roughly analyze that most of the molting of hands is due to the lack of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C.

Vitamin A not only plays an important role in maintaining visual function, but also plays an important physiological role in maintaining the health of epithelial cells. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to dermatitis. Symptoms such as ecdysis and itching may also be vitamin B deficiency.

2. Tinea manus

Hand moss is caused by fungal infection, like beriberi, which is infectious. Bryophytes are not only peeled, but also itchy. They can spread slowly to one or both hands from the finger, and erythema can also appear. Because of the infectivity of hand mosses, fungal infections may not only be limited to the hands, but also other parts of the body, or close contact with other people. Once diagnosed as hand moss, we must do a good job of isolation, do not share any daily necessities with others, of course, the most important thing is to follow the doctor's advice medication.

3. Seasonal ecdysis

Seasonal ecdysis is also known as exfoliative keratolysis. Its pathogenesis is unknown, not bacteria, fungi, no infectivity, but the disease has seasonal, often occurs between spring, summer and autumn and winter. Pruritus is not obvious, often symmetrical attack. Light patients can recover from illness in 2 to 3 weeks. Serious patients can go to hospital for medical treatment and use medicine according to doctor's orders.

4. Sweat herpes

Sweat herpes belongs to allergic dermatitis, is a kind of eczema, "small blisters" in the size of rice grains, itching, blisters burst can appear peeling phenomenon. Since it is allergic dermatitis, there must be a history of exposure to allergens, such as laundry powder, detergent, soap, etc.

5. Psychological factors

Hand molting may also be related to psychological factors, such as stress, fatigue, emotional depression and so on, which can induce sweat herpes.

The above is about the reasons for finger peeling, I hope to help you. There are many reasons for finger peeling, it may be natural renewal, it may be lack of vitamins, it may also be caused by disease peeling, so when you find your hand peeling serious or itchy, you must go to the hospital.

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