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Avoid Notes on the Taboo of Loquat Food Loquat,precautions,taboos October 12, 2019

Loquat is a very common fruit in our life. Maybe everyone knows that loquat has many benefits, such as moistening the lungs to relieve cough, eating loquat regularly is very good for our health. Although loquat has many benefits, there are also some taboos worth our attention. Next, let's take a look at the taboos of loquat. What are the taboos of loquat?

1. Loquat contains cyanide

Loquat toxicity in the nucleus and leaves, loquat nucleus contains a small amount of cyanide. However, there is no need to waste food because of choking. Bitter almonds, peaches, bayberry kernels and cherry kernels contain more or less cyanide. Loquat can relieve phlegm and cough. It is also a trace cyanide that plays a role. However, the concentration of cyanide in the kernels is relatively high, and ultimately, whether it kills or not depends on the blood concentration.

2. Fasting of Diarrhea due to Spleen Deficiency

Loquat is a kind of cool fruit, and loquat also contains a lot of cold. After eating, it is likely to improve the digestive function of our spleen and stomach, and may cause diarrhea.

3. Eat less phlegm cough

Loquat as a medicine to eat can have a strong antitussive effect, a large number of cough patients in life hope to be able to eat loquat to get treatment, but loquat sugar content is very high. Help wet phlegm characteristics. Therefore, patients with phlegm cough should not eat loquat more, or there will be increased phlegm.

4. Menstrual women should not eat more

The diet of women during menstruation must be light, plain is the best. Loquat is a cold fruit. If women eat during menstruation, they will often experience uterine cold and dysmenorrhea.

5. Wind-cold cough and fasting

Cough is the main symptoms of cold. Whether it is cold or cold, wind-heat cold will cause cough symptoms. Loquat has no obvious effect on cold. Eating it increases the likelihood of a cold.

The above is the food taboo of loquat, I believe that through this article we have a more in-depth understanding of the taboo of loquat. When you eat loquat, you must pay attention to the taboos mentioned in the article, do not touch the food taboo of pipa, so as not to endanger health.

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