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Avoid Notes on the Taboo of Peach Kernel in Eating Peach Kernel Peach kernels,precautions,taboos,food October 12, 2019

Peach kernels are a kind of common nut food in our daily life. First, peach kernels not only taste very good, but also we can eat peach kernels to supplement nutrition. It is also meaningful for my health and health. So we recommend some peach kernels in moderation, but there are also taboos in eating peach kernels. Then we will look at the taboos of peach kernels together.

1. Gas and blood obstruction or blood stasis should not be eaten.

Peach kernel itself is a good kind of food, for most people can eat peach kernels, but when eating peach kernels, there are certain taboos. First of all, in our daily use process, there are friends who are blocked by Qi and blood, so it is not recommended to eat peach kernels. This is mainly because peach kernel belongs to warm and tonic food. People who are not connected with Qi and blood will suffer from blood dryness and constipation. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat peach kernel. Otherwise, it will lead to aggravation of illness, which is not conducive to our health. We should pay attention to eating peach kernel.

2. People with deficiency of Qi and blood should use peach kernels cautiously

People with deficiency of Qi and blood should be cautious in using peach kernels. Although peach kernels have the function of warming and nourishing heat, people with deficiency of Qi and blood will not be able to use peach kernels because of their physical problems. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose to eat peach kernels after adjusting your health, which is the taboo you should pay attention to when eating peach kernels.

3. Don't eat too much.

Peach kernels contain amygdalin, which can easily lead to poisoning, dizziness, headache, vomiting, palpitation, restlessness, or unconsciousness, convulsions, closed teeth, dilated pupils, respiratory paralysis and life-threatening.

The above estimate is to introduce the taboo of peach kernels to you. Attention must be paid to cracking down on the consumption of peach kernels. Especially the consumption of peach kernels should not be too much. It is about 10g at a time. In addition, people who are deficient in blood and have no connection with Qi and blood should not eat them.

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