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Avoid Food Aloe Vera Taboo Food Aloe Vera Notes Food,Aloe Vera,Taboos,Cautions October 12, 2019

Aloe Vera is a very common plant in our life. Many people use it as a cosmetic product. It also has good anti-inflammatory and repairing effects. Aloe Vera has high edible value. Aloe Vera is good for our health. But when we are not fully aware of its function and taboos, we should not use it indiscriminately and eat it. Then let's take a look at the taboos of aloe vera, which deserve our attention.

1. Patients with weaker constitution or cold due to deficiency of spleen and stomach should not take aloe vera.

Generally speaking, patients with weak constitution or cold due to deficiency of spleen and stomach should not take aloe vera. Aloe Vera has a very good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. People with better physical constitution can strengthen their health by eating Aloe Vera. But people with poor physical constitution can not achieve good results by eating Aloe Vera. On the contrary, it is easy to worsen and is not conducive to the recovery of the body.

2. The dosage must be moderate.

Adult men and women can take aloe in moderation, but pay attention to the dosage. It is better for women to take Aloe Vera no more than four centimeters a day. Men can add a little more on this basis. However, the elderly and children should pay attention to the use of less. Menstrual women and pregnant women had better not eat aloe.

3. Do not mistake agave for Aloe

Tequila and aloe plants are similar in shape. Tequila is poisonous, so don't eat it by mistake. Apart from a few varieties of Aloe vera, such as Aloe arborescens and Aloe Vera of Shangnong, which can be eaten fresh leaves, most of them are only ornamental plants. Some varieties of Aloe vera are poisonous, which may cause poisoning or even endanger life safety after being eaten by mistake.

Through these introductions above, I believe you have a good understanding of the taboos of Aloe Vera. We know that some people are not suitable for Aloe Vera, so if they belong to the taboo group of Aloe Vera, it is better not to eat Aloe Vera in life. In addition, we should pay more attention to the taboos of Aloe Vera when we eat Aloe Vera.

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