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Avoid Taboos on Black Rice Notes,Taboos,Food October 12, 2019

Modern medicine has proved that black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, invigorating spleen and warming liver, invigorating spleen and stomach, invigorating qi and activating blood circulation, and nourishing liver and eyesight. Although black rice has high nutritional value, not everyone is suitable for eating black rice. Do you know who is not suitable for eating black rice? What are the taboos of black rice? Next, let's take a look.

1. Soak for a long time before boiling.

Because the nutrients contained in black rice are mostly concentrated in the black cortex, it is not suitable for finishing and not easy to boil, so black rice should be soaked overnight before boiling. If black rice porridge is not boiled, not only can most of the signboard nutrients not dissolve, but also can easily cause acute gastroenteritis after eating more, especially for children with weaker digestive function and the elderly. Therefore, people with indigestion should not eat uncooked black rice.

2. People with poor digestibility should not eat black rice

People with weak digestive capacity after illness should not rush to eat black rice, but eat some purple rice to recuperate.

3. It is not suitable for people who are hot and dry.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black rice is smooth in nature and sweet in taste; it is not suitable for people who are hot and dry with fire. Black rice eats too much, and there may be a fire. Black rice is rich in cellulose, if you usually eat too much, it may cause constipation and other conditions, but the nutrient content of black rice is very high, so we must pay special attention to the intake of nutrients when eating in peacetime. If there is fire, we suggest that you drink some tea with clear fire, which is very helpful to your health.

4. High copper patients should not be eaten

Black rice contains 1-3 times more copper than rice; it is not suitable for patients with hepatolenticular degeneration and those with high copper.

5. Takes the tetracycline medicine taboo to eat the black rice

Black rice is forbidden to take tetracyclines. Black rice is rich in metal ions and can form insoluble chelates with drugs, which affect the absorption of tetracyclines and reduce the curative effect.

The above is the efficacy and function of black rice, I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the taboos of black rice through this article. Although black rice is good, but some friends are not suitable to eat. Choosing the most suitable food for their own consumption is the best for their health. Therefore, friends who are not suitable to eat black rice should not be forced to eat it.

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