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Avoid The Taboo of Drinking Black Tea Black tea,taboos,precautions October 12, 2019

Black tea is a completely fermented tea. Often drinking black tea is not harmful to people's health, but drinking black tea is also taboo. Do you know what to pay attention to when drinking black tea? Let's get to know it.

1. Place new tea before drinking

Because the storage time of new tea is short, it contains more non-oxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, which have strong stimulating effect on human gastrointestinal mucosa and easily induce gastric diseases. Therefore, new tea should be less drunk, and new tea stored less than half a month should be avoided.

2. Tea washing before tea tasting

Because tea is polluted by pesticides and other harmful substances in the process of cultivation and processing, there are always some residues on the surface of tea, so the first tea should be discarded for its washing effect.

3. Never drink tea on an empty stomach.

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute gastric juice, reduce digestive function and increase water absorption rate, resulting in a large number of adverse components in tea into the blood, causing dizziness, panic, limb weakness and other symptoms.

4. Digest after meals before drinking tea

Tea contains a lot of tannic acid. Tannic acid can react with iron in food to produce new substances that are difficult to dissolve. It can lead to iron deficiency and even anemia in human body over a long period of time. Ginseng and American ginseng should not be eaten with tea. Avoid drinking strong tea to relieve alcohol; do not drink tea before meals; do not drink tea immediately after meals. The correct way is to drink tea an hour after meals.

5. Tea is not recommended for fever

Tea contains theophylline, which has the effect of raising body temperature. Drinking tea for patients with fever is like "pouring oil on fire".

6. Do not drink if the stomach is not good

Caffeine in tea can promote gastric acid secretion, increase gastric acid concentration, induce ulcers and even perforation.

7. Black Tea Is Not Suitable for Special Periods

Drinking tea during menstruation, especially strong tea, can induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome. Medical experts found that compared with non-tea drinkers, the risk of menstrual tension was 2.4 times higher in tea drinkers, and three times higher in those who drank more than four cups of tea a day.

The above is about drinking black tea taboo related content, I hope to help you. Although black tea is good, it can be antioxidant and help us improve immunity, but people with bad intestines and stomach and pregnant women during menstruation are not suitable for drinking black tea. We need to pay attention to it when drinking black tea.

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