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Archives What good food can deodorize halitosis? Halitosis,what,yes,food October 12, 2019

When we have bad breath, we are embarrassed. We dare not talk face-to-face with others. We are also very uncomfortable. What kind of food can we eat when we have bad breath? Let's get to know it.

1. milk

After eating garlic, the bad breath can be eliminated by drinking a glass of milk.

2. lemon

It is sour in nature and tastes bitter. It has the functions of nourishing body fluid, quenching thirst and dispelling heat. Can be in a cup of boiling water, add some mint, and add some fresh lemon juice to drink, can go bad breath.

3. fragrant celery

This herb is most helpful in eliminating odors in the mouth, especially smoke. If you can't find celery at hand for a while, coriander and mint can also play a role in removing the odor of the mouth. In order to achieve better results, the longer they are chewed, the better, or they can be used to make tea. In addition, these herbs are also good for digestion.

4. yogurt

Recent studies have shown that daily yogurt consumption can reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, because this substance is responsible for bad breath. Drinking yogurt on time can also prevent harmful bacteria in the mouth, which can cause dental diseases or plaque. However, only natural yoghurt has such effect, sugary yoghurt does not have such effect.

5. kumquat

It is very effective for halitosis with chest tightness. 5-6 fresh kumquats can be taken to wash and chew. This prescription has the functions of aromatic and resuscitating, smoothing Qi and invigorating spleen.

6. honey

Take 1 spoon of honey, 1 cup of warm boiled water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning. Honey has the effect of moistening intestines and clearing the internal organs, removing decay, and is quite effective for halitosis caused by constipation.

7. grapefruit

It can be used to treat fewer, pale, remove stomach odor, detoxify alcohol, eliminate odor in the mouth after drinking, and has the effect of eliminating food, invigorating the spleen, aromatic deodorization. Take fresh grapefruit peeled meat, chew carefully.

Above is about what good to eat to eliminate halitosis. If it is caused by what we eat, we can eat some delicious food to reduce halitosis. But if it is caused by disease, we need to go to the hospital for medical treatment and take medicine to regulate it.

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