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Avoid Food Taboo of Lotus Leaf Lotus leaf,people eat,what,taboos,food,not suitable October 12, 2019

Lotus leaf can be used as tea, cooking and medicinal herbs. Is there any taboo in eating lotus leaves? Let's learn about the food taboos of lotus leaf today.

1. Lotus leaf cold, it is recommended that women should not take during menstruation, avoid irregular menstruation, and may even aggravate the problem of dysmenorrhea.

2. People with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold are not advised to drink lotus leaves in water. Others with weak body Qi and blood are also advised to take it cautiously.

3. Drinking lotus leaves in water everyday also needs to pay attention to the appropriate amount. If taken excessively, it will not only not be able to health care, but will have an impact on the health of the body.

4. The lotus leaf soaks water to drink must be reasonable, cannot oneself at will and other traditional Chinese medicine together soaks takes, otherwise easy to cause the influence to the health.

5. It is better to choose those lotus leaves which are dried after sunshine than those which are dried.

6. Dry lotus leaf can not be taken directly with boiling water, after taking, the damage to the body is greater. It's better to take it with other Chinese medicines.

7. Don't take lotus leaf immediately after soaking in water. It is suggested that it should be taken after cooling. In addition, the best time to take is half an hour before meals.

8. Female pregnancy is a special stage, at this time, it is best not to drink lotus leaf water.

Generally speaking, lotus leaf tea has no major side effects on the human body, but it should also be noted that some friends have allergies to lotus leaf weight loss tea ingredients and other discomforts, because lotus leaf tea is cold, so the spleen and stomach deficiency cold and the friends of the period are not suitable for lotus leaf tea.

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