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Archives What are the effects and functions of lotus leaves? What are the benefits of eating lotus leaves? Lotus Leaf,What,Benefits,Which,Functions,Efficiency October 12, 2019

Lotus leaf, a common plant, is a perennial aquatic herb of lotus, which grows in swamps, ponds, lakes or paddy fields. Some people use it to make tea. What are the effects and functions of lotus leaves? Let's get to know it.

1. It can play the role of bacteriostasis.

In lotus leaves, there are active ingredients such as lotus leaf alkali, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid, and alkaline ingredients. In pharmacology, studies have found that lotus leaf can play antipyretic, bacteriostasis, spasmolysis and many other roles.

2. Lotus leaf can diuretic and defecate

In the treatment of diseases, lotus leaves also have diuretic and defecation effects, and lotus leaves have the same energy efficiency. The lotus leaf extract, decoction can dilate the body blood vessels, it can also play the role of heat clearance, heat relief, blood pressure and other treatment of diseases, as well as taking lotus leaf preparations can play a weight loss role.

3. Lotus leaf can also have therapeutic effect on the body's three highs.

As far as Lotus Leaf Tea is concerned, it is non-pharmaceutical, unlike drugs, it can play an immediate effect, but it has no side effects on the body. The three highs that people often appear are high blood pressure, high blood lipid and high cholesterol, which can play a long-term role. It is also the ideal choice for people to lose weight, and people here can often drink Lotus Leaf Tea.

4. Specific Therapeutic Effect of Lotus Leaf

The processed lotus leaf has the characteristics of bitter and astringent taste, slight salty taste and bitter and cool sex. It also has the therapeutic effects of clearing heat, dampness, rising sun, divergence, removing blood stasis and hemostasis, which have certain curative effects on many diseases.

In a word, lotus leaf has many functions and functions. In addition to making lotus leaf rice, people can also make Hawthorn lotus leaf tea. It has the functions of heat dissipation, dampness dissipation, spleen invigoration, Yang dissipation and hemostasis.

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