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Archives Effectiveness and Function of Vitamin B2 The Benefits of Eating Vitamin B2 Vitamins,B2,Benefits,Efficiencies,Functions October 12, 2019

Vitamin B2 is a necessary nutrient for human body. It is a necessary substance to form the surface of human tissues and organs. Vitamin B2 can not be stored in human body, but the human body needs it every day, so it must be supplemented from food every day. Do you know what the effects of vitamin B2 are? Let's get to know it.

1. The effect of vitamin B2 on children

Children are more likely to be deficient in vitamin B2 if they do not pay attention to it because of their rapid growth and metabolism. Vitamin B2 can promote the normal production of skin and hair as well as development.

2. The effect of vitamin B2 on pregnant women

Because vitamin B2 can promote development and cell regeneration, it can promote fetal development. During pregnancy and lactation, women taking contraceptives need more vitamin B2. It needs 1.6 mg during pregnancy, 1.8 mg during lactation in the first six months and 1.7 mg in the following six months.

3. The effect of vitamin B2 on the general population

(1) Promoting development and cell regeneration.

(2) Promote the normal growth of skin, nails and hair.

(3) To help prevent and eliminate inflammation in the mouth, lips, tongue and skin, collectively known as oral reproductive syndrome.

(4) Improve vision and reduce eye fatigue.

(5) Influencing the absorption of iron by human body.

(6) cooperate with other substances to participate in multiple metabolism.

(7) Promoting the absorption of iron by the body can prevent anemia.

In general, vitamin B2 plays an important role in protein synthesis and catabolism, unsaturated fatty acid metabolism and the synthesis of some neurotransmitters. It also has different effects on the immune function of the body.

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