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Archives How to treat night blindness Night blindness,how to do,treatment October 12, 2019

Eyes are windows to the soul, but as modern people use their eyes more and more irregularly, our eyes become more and more unhealthy. Nocturnal blindness patients how to treat the eyes is a lot of people's question, we will work together today to solve the treatment of night blindness.

1. Congenital night blindness: congenital hereditary eye disease, such as degeneration of retinal pigments, rod-shaped cell dysplasia, loss of synthetic rhodopsin function, so in the occurrence of night blindness. There is no good way to treat the mutation that has been found to cause night blindness.

2. Temporary night blindness: due to the lack of vitamins in the diet or the influence of some digestive system diseases on the absorption of vitamins, resulting in retinal rod cells are not synthesized rhodopsin raw materials resulting in night blindness. This kind of night blindness is temporary, as long as you eat more pig liver, carrots and so on, you can supplement the deficiency of vitamins, will soon recover.

3. Acquired night blindness: due to poor nutrition of retinal rod cells or its own pathological changes, it is common in diffuse choroiditis, extensive choroidal ischemia atrophy and advanced glaucoma, high myopia, atrophy of optic nerve, iron scurf night blindness, etc. This kind of night blindness will follow the development of effective treatment methods and the recovery of the disease. Gradually improved.

In general, the treatment of night blindness should first find out the cause, acquired night blindness can be cured. Patients should strengthen nutrition in an all-round way and eat more foods rich in vitamin A and high-quality protein. For those with serious illness, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Vitamin A can be added or injected.

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