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Archives What are the benefits of Jade Bamboo to the body? The efficacy and function of Jade Bamboo Yuzhu,efficacy,function,benefit,body,what October 12, 2019

Yuzhu is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which can nourish yin, moisten dryness, stimulate body fluid and quench thirst. It is very common in life. This kind of traditional Chinese medicine comes from Yuzhu, a liliaceous plant. It is the dry rhizome of Yuzhu. People often cut it into slices, dry it and preserve it, and decoct it with other traditional Chinese medicines when needed. The medicinal efficacy and medicinal value of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine are excellent and can be used. The prevention and treatment of various diseases, then let's look at the efficacy and role of Yuzhu bar!

Delaying senility

Polygonatum odoratum contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C. It has strong antioxidant effect, scavenging free radicals in the body, and delaying skin aging.

Nourishing yin and moistening lung

Yuzhu is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which can relieve cough and moisten lung, and has good therapeutic effect on internal heat, thirst and dizziness.

Strong heart

Yuzhu contains polysaccharides and fructose, which can improve myocardial hypoxia and other cardiac diseases, such as palpitation, colic and so on.


The results showed that Yuzhu had a temporary hypotensive effect on anesthetized dogs and rabbits, and could prevent the rise of triglyceride.

Improving immunity

Yuzhu contains vitamin C, which can improve the body's immunity. In addition, studies have shown that Yuzhu is an immunopotentiator to enhance humoral immunity and phagocytosis.

Reducing heart-fire

Heart fire can cause other oral diseases, and Yuzhu soup can reduce blood pressure and heart fire, which has the function of clearing heart, nourishing yin and reducing fire.

Warm tips:Drinking Yuzhu in water can also nourish yin and nourish face, make face ruddy and improve rough skin, such as chronic skin inflammation, but also make skin smooth as before.

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