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Avoid Notes on the Taboo of Lotus Root Flour Lotus root powder,precautions,taboos October 12, 2019

Lotus root powder is a favorite food for many people. Lotus root powder tastes good and has very high nutritional value. Therefore, it is loved by many people. Although it is helpful for health to eat lotus root powder regularly, lotus root powder is not suitable for everyone to eat. Today, let's take a look at the taboos of lotus root powder.

1. Pregnant women should not eat

Pregnant women are not suitable to eat lotus root powder, especially during pregnancy, it is best not to eat lotus root powder. Because lotus root belongs to cold food. It is not advisable to contact such foods during pregnancy. Although lotus root powder is very convenient and delicious to eat, but for the sake of the health of your baby and yourself, it is better to bear with it, do not let yourself have any health risks. It can be eaten in a week or two after delivery. But don't eat too much. It's better to adjust your body until you recover. This can avoid more discomfort for pregnant women. It's a situation that we should pay attention to when we eat lotus root powder.

2. People with poor digestive function of spleen and stomach should not eat more.

We should also pay attention to eating lotus root flour. Now many people like eating lotus root flour raw, which has no negative impact on the body. But in fact, this is wrong. The main reason is that lotus root powder is not easy to digest, and patients with digestive problems in the spleen and stomach should not eat raw. And it is not suitable to eat if we are suffering from stomach trouble or constipation recently. Otherwise, we will easily have some side effects if we eat lotus root powder, which will have a greater impact on the health of our spleen and stomach.

3. Avoid food for cold dysmenorrhea

It is a nightmare for many girls to avoid eating dysmenorrhea in cold dysmenorrhea. But there are always a few days a month, which makes people very uncomfortable. At the same time, girls in the physiological period should pay more attention to protect themselves, do not eat raw and cold food. Although lotus root powder does not belong to raw and cold food, it is also cold. If eaten during dysmenorrhea, it will aggravate the degree of dysmenorrhea.

The above is the eating taboo of lotus root powder introduced to you. I believe that through this article, we know that pregnant women are not suitable for eating, people with low digestion function of spleen and stomach are not suitable for eating, and people with cold dysmenorrhea are not suitable for eating. These types of people mentioned above must pay attention to Oh, otherwise eating may affect health.

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