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Avoid Taboo of Jasmine Tea Drinking Notes of Jasmine Tea Jasmine tea,precautions,taboos,drinking October 12, 2019

Jasmine tea is made of green tea and jasmine flowers, so that tea can absorb the fragrance of flowers. Beautiful appearance, millipeaks revealed, rich aroma, drink a cup of jasmine tea, taste fragrant, refreshing, I believe that no one will not like it. But jasmine tea also has some taboos that need our attention, so let's take a look at them together next!

1. Constipation patients

Although jasmine tea has a protective effect on intestine and stomach, polyphenols in jasmine tea have a certain convergence effect on intestine and stomach mucosa. Therefore, people with constipation drink jasmine tea will aggravate constipation.

2. Neurasthenia

The caffeine content in jasmine is very rich. Although caffeine can help refresh the brain, drinking jasmine tea in the case of neurasthenia will stimulate the nervous system and bring adverse effects to patients. So don't drink jasmine tea if you're nervous.

3. Fever patients

Jasmine tea contains a lot of theophylline components, the human body absorbs theophylline components, will increase body temperature. Not conducive to fever cooling, so people with fever or fever symptoms had better not drink jasmine tea.

4. Iron deficiency anemia

Jasmine tea is not suitable for iron deficiency anemia patients. Tannic acid and other components contained in jasmine tea will combine with iron, forming precipitation, which will make the body unable to absorb, iron deficiency people need to supplement iron, so patients with iron deficiency anemia must avoid drinking jasmine tea.

These are the taboos of Jasmine Tea introduced to you. I believe that through this article, you have a deeper understanding of the taboos of Jasmine Tea. Finally, I remind you that people with constipation, neurasthenia, fever and iron deficiency anemia should not drink Jasmine Tea, otherwise it will aggravate the disease.

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