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Avoid Points for Attention in Taboo of Pueraria Root Powder Pueraria lobata,precautions,taboos,food October 12, 2019

Pueraria is a common food material with the same source of medicine and food. Pueraria powder has many beneficial effects on human body, but everyone has different physique. Therefore, not everyone is suitable to eat pueraria powder, otherwise it may cause physical discomfort. What is the taboo of pueraria powder? Next, let's take a look.

1. Those with severe cold and dampness

Pueraria lobata powder is a cold food. People with heavy body cold and humidity will aggravate the accumulation of cold in their body and easily cause physical discomfort. Eating and drinking some hot food and tea materials can dispel the cold in the body, such as longan, hawthorn, walnut, peanut, almond, black tea, oolong tea and so on.

2. Hypotensive patients

Because puerarin in pueraria powder can dredge blood vessels and reduce blood pressure, it is not suitable for patients with hypotension to eat Pueraria powder. The treatment of hypotension mainly depends on healthy life and dietary supplements. It is suggested to eat more common food, such as stewed chicken with Tianqi, stewed lean meat with ginseng, stewed mutton with angelica, etc.

3. Hypoglycemic patients

This is also the reason for puerarin, because it can reduce blood pressure and blood sugar, patients with hypoglycemia should not eat puerarin powder. Eating more brown rice, vegetables, konjac, lean meat and cereals can improve blood sugar concentration very well. It is better to quit smoking and prohibit alcohol, and quickly restore blood sugar level.

After our introduction, you must have a better understanding of food like Pueraria powder. Although pueraria powder is a good traditional Chinese medicine, it can help us to keep healthy, but not everyone is suitable for eating. For those who are not suitable for eating Pueraria powder, we should pay attention to avoiding eating as much as possible.

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