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Avoid Food Taboo of Mangosteen Mangosteen,Together,What,Can't,Eat,Taboo October 12, 2019

Mangosteen is a fruit that many people like to eat. Its nutrition is very high and it is good for our health. But there are many taboos when we eat it. Let's understand what mangosteen can't eat with.

Soybean MilkIt can make our body feel uncomfortable, and it is a burden to our body.

BeerIt will pose a certain threat to our health and have a very bad effect on our health.

Chinese cabbage: it's very good for our body to eat the two kinds of food separately, but it's bad to eat them together.

Wax gourdThese two kinds of food together will pose a certain threat to our health.

Balsam pearMomordica charantia can reduce fire, mangosteen can appetize, but eating together is very harmful to our body.

Leaf mustardMustard and Mangosteen are very bad for our health.

watermelonBoth kinds of food belong to cold food. Eating together can easily cause diarrhea.

Generally speaking, mangosteen should be eaten in moderation at ordinary times. Excessive consumption will be harmful to the body. Although mangosteen can resist oxidation and has many antiviral components, there are more acidic substances in this kind of fruit. People will increase acidic substances in their body and induce acidosis after excessive consumption. In addition, the cellulose content of mangosteen is relatively high, they will absorb water in the intestine, excessive consumption will cause constipation.

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