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Avoid The taboo that beef cannot be eaten with anything Beef,taboos,together,no,what October 12, 2019

Beef is a kind of meat we often eat. Its high protein and low fat characteristics are very popular. Some like to make steak, some like stew, but there are taboos to eat beef. Do you know what beef can't be eaten with? Let's get to know each other.

1, potatoes

Potato roast beef is a popular and familiar dish. It is a delicious dish in terms of taste, but in terms of health, long-term consumption should not be advocated. Because potatoes and beef require different concentrations of gastric acid when digested, they can prolong the retention time of food in the stomach and cause stomach discomfort.

2. Leek

Beef is one of the main meat consumed by Chinese people, and its sales volume is second only to pork. Beef enjoys the reputation of "the proud son of meat". It not only tastes excellent, but also has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, invigorating qi and blood, and strengthening muscles and bones. In contrast, eating more leek can enhance the Qi of the spleen and stomach and benefit the liver function. It is reasonable to say that the effect of eating these two kinds of food together would be better, but in fact it is not so. Beef and leek can be poisoned at the same time.

3, brown sugar

Beef and brown sugar can not be eaten together, which can produce adverse biochemical reactions and cause abdominal distension.

4. Field snails

Snail meat is rich in vitamin A, protein, iron and calcium. It has dietary effects on red eyes, jaundice, beriberi, hemorrhoids and other diseases. But snails and beef are not easy to digest and cause abdominal distension.

5, chestnut

The vitamins in chestnuts are easy to react with the trace elements in beef. If the two ingredients are eaten together, the trace elements in beef will weaken the nutritive value of chestnuts, not only the nutrients obtained will be greatly reduced, but also the two ingredients should not be digested and absorbed after eating.

Above is about the beef taboo related content, I hope to help you. Beef is delicious and nutritious, but when you eat it, you should pay attention to the matching of ingredients.

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