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Avoid A Taboo Population Who Can't Eat Peeled Eggs Leather eggs,people,taboos,what to eat,people October 12, 2019

Leather eggs are often eaten in our life. They can be used to cook porridge or salad. But any kind of food has a suitable population and is not suitable. If we don't know clearly, it may even threaten our health. Do you know who is not suitable for eating preserved eggs? Let's get to know the taboo population of preserved eggs.

1. Drinkers

We should also be careful when eating preserved eggs. Although preserved eggs are delicious, they also contain a lot of bacteria. If we use preserved eggs as food for drinking too much, it may cause lead poisoning or other poisoning phenomena, which will bring certain harm to people's health. Therefore, we should pay attention to people who drink should eat less preserved eggs as far as possible to avoid poisoning phenomena, so we should avoid poisoning phenomena. We must make it clear that people should avoid eating preserved eggs when drinking.

2. Children

When eating preserved eggs, we should pay attention to that, first of all, because children's body metabolism is relatively vigorous, and preserved eggs contain a certain amount of trace lead, which will be absorbed by children and remain in children's liver, lungs, kidneys and brain tissues and other organs and cells. It is easy to affect our health. At the same time, children eating preserved eggs may also cause bone and cells. The lack of calcium in teeth has some adverse effects on children's health, so children are not suitable for eating preserved eggs, and need to be carefully avoided.

3. Patients with liver and kidney diseases

When eating preserved eggs, we should also pay attention to the fact that the liver and kidney function of the patients with liver and kidney diseases is impaired and their metabolic ability is insufficient, and preserved eggs are a food containing trace lead, which is not good for the liver and kidney. So if we eat preserved eggs, it will also increase the burden on the liver and kidney. Therefore, Spleen-Qi deficiency, cold-dampness and cardiovascular diseases are serious. We should also pay attention to the fact that patients with diseases of liver and kidney should eat fewer preserved eggs.

Above is the relevant content about the contraindication of preserved eggs. I hope it will be helpful to you. Although preserved eggs have the functions of moistening lung, nourishing yin and stopping bleeding, cooling intestine, stopping diarrhea and lowering blood pressure, children, pregnant women and patients with liver and kidney disease should eat less preserved eggs.

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