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Men What are the symptoms of male ejaculatory dysfunction and how to prevent them at ordinary times Usually,how,prevention,what,ejaculation,function,obstacles,symptoms,male October 12, 2019

In daily life, some people suffer from ejaculation dysfunction, such as drug factors, disease factors and other factors, will suffer from this disease, ejaculation dysfunction will bring trouble to the life and work of patients, but also affect the sexual life of patients, so after suffering from this disease, patients must timely to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, then male ejaculation. What are the symptoms of sperm dysfunction?

Symptoms of ejaculatory dysfunction

Ejaculation dysfunction can cause ejaculation difficulty in patientsMany people are caused by mental and psychological factors, such as when having sex, always thinking about whether the woman will be pregnant, lack of affection for the woman, suspecting that the wife has an affair and other compulsive personality characteristics, resulting in ejaculation dysfunction. Sexuality is another important cause of difficulty in ejaculation.

Some patients with ejaculatory dysfunction do not ejaculate out of the body, but retrograde ejaculation, unable to have a successful sexual life, ejaculation weakness in the erection of the penis for a period of time, slowly soften down and return to normal.

In normal life, if there are symptoms in this area, then we have to consider ejaculation dysfunction. If, once diagnosed as ejaculation dysfunction, active and effective treatment is the key.

What needs to be done to prevent ejaculation disorders?

1. Actively participate in physical exercise.

Adhere to good physical exercise every day, can effectively regulate the nervous system of the brain, to ensure the normal operation of the nervous system, such as jogging for half an hour every day, so that we can achieve good results.

2. Keep good living and eating habits.

Bad living habits or eating habits are very harmful to the human body, such as excessive drinking, smoking, overeating and so on, will affect the normal sexual function of men.

3. Eliminate bad emotions.

Work and life will inevitably produce a lot of bad emotions, but to be able to eliminate these bad emotions in time, if long-term mental burden, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction. In addition, the family should give more care and encouragement, if the husband's sexual ability declines, the wife should be more considerate, to help the husband eliminate worries, and should not complain and blame.

4. Strengthen sex education.

Many male friends lack sexual knowledge, which leads to sexual disharmony. These male friends should strengthen their own sexual education, learn more about sexual knowledge and master correct and scientific sexual skills.

5. Pay attention to diet.

Men should eat light food, eat less spicy and stimulating food, and eat more in diet.Tonifying kidneyPromoting blood circulation, nourishing yin and nourishing qi to get food.

6. Pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

In daily life, pay more attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness, control masturbation, avoid unclean sexual intercourse, develop regular sexual life, prevent the occurrence of infection.

In ordinary life, we can know more about the symptoms of male ejaculation dysfunction. If we find out that we have symptoms in this regard, we should go to the regular hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, patients should also do a good job in daily nursing work, so as to ensure the treatment effect, so that patients can get rid of the trouble of disease as soon as possible and recover to health as possible.

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