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Men The older a man is, the longer he will live. 90% of the people don't know. People,don't know,longevity,here,the bigger,man October 12, 2019

Life expectancy is affected by many factors, such as environment, diet, disease and gene, which are all factors affecting men's life expectancy. Breakthroughs must be made in these areas to achieve long life. Because life expectancy is also influenced by genetic inheritance, male life expectancy can be seen from external characteristics. Today we are going to understand why some men here grow older and live longer.

Many people will ask where "here" is. Actually, this is not a specific place, but by comparing the size of this place, we can know that men will not live long.

The bigger the fist, the longer the life span.

The life span of men is closely related to the strength of their fists. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the strength of their fists has an important relationship with the liver meridian. In Huangdi Neijing, the liver corresponds to the body's yang-qi, and the liver-qi is sufficient, so the man's yang-qi is stable. Therefore, the strength of male fists is related to the life span.

The root of the male ring finger is the wind orifice of the liver meridian, so Taoists believe that when the thumb is pressed on the root of the ring finger, the stronger the fist, the longer the life span. Fist strength can also be exercised the day after tomorrow, usually you can tap your fingers. Ten fingers of both hands tap each other to massage the liver meridian acupoints of the hands and exercise liver qi.

Male nose longevity

There is a folk saying that the nose looks lustrous and plump, and people with such a face, even if they are not rich and noble, will live a long life. And scientifically speaking, big nose really longevity, because big nose can inhale more air, increase the oxygen content of blood, delay aging, can longevity.

On the other hand, big nose can filter more dust, bacteria and viruses in the air, reduce the occurrence of colds and other lung diseases, so that the health of the body is not harmed, and achieve the goal of longevity. Of course, the big nose also needs protection at ordinary times, so how to protect the nose in order to achieve the goal of longevity?

1. If you don't dig the nostrils, the skin in the nasal cavity is very fragile. If you dig the nostrils often, it will cause damage to the internal soft tissue, and it will also make the nerves in the nasal cavity oppressed, affecting the sense of smell.

2. Protect the nose from external force. The bridge of the nose is very fragile and easy to fracture due to external force. After the nose injury, it is easy to cause dyspnea, hydrocephalus, rhinitis and other diseases.

3. Protect nose hair, which is a filter for our breathing air. It can prevent many bacteria and dust from entering the lungs, so nose hair is very important. Normally you can trim your nose hair, but not pull it out. Most ears are "very durable"

Big ears

The ears are round and thick, which is often a sign of strong kidney qi. There is a folk saying, called "the ear is blessed greatly", because the kidney Qi is strong, the kidney in human organs "master strategy".

In fact, men's big places can only show that they have the characteristics of longevity, but if you want to really longevity, you still need to acquire maintenance. So what else can men live longer?

Exercise regularly

In modern society, men live under great pressure and often have no time to exercise. But even so, we should keep on exercising so that we can have a healthy body and achieve the effect of delaying aging.

Bask in the sunshine

Sunbathing is the best way to live long in Europe. Sunbathing can supplement the body with calcium and avoid osteoporosis in old age.

Read more books

Books can be calm, have a good mentality, can achieve static health, delay aging. Especially for men, because they have a lot of male hormones, they are easy to be impulsive and aggressive. Choosing to watch more can alleviate aggression.

Diet therapy

Many men have the problem of humidity weight. There are many sources of humidity, one is external factors, the other is bad habits. Many men take baths as soon as they sweat, or blow air conditioners and drink cold beer all the time. These are the reasons for the heavy humidity in their bodies. So if we want to dispel dampness, we can help us adjust and dispel dampness from the aspect of diet.

Coix and Red Bean Porridge

Efficacy: invigorate the spleen and dispel dampness. Coix chinensis is cool and tasty. It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, dehumidifying, water diversion and so on. It is the food we often eat, and is also the commonly used Chinese medicine. Whether it is used for nourishing or medical treatment, its effect is very mild. Red beans are also nutritious food that we often eat, so the combination of the two can achieve a certain degree of dampness-dispelling effect.

Ingredients: 20g Coix Milk, 20g Red Bean, 5g Scutellaria and 2G Chinese Wolfberry

Practice: Coix seed must be stir-fried in order to get rid of dampness. After frying, put all the ingredients into the pot. Add proper amount of water, cook until the Coix and red beans are ripe, then add brown sugar, stir the sugar until it melts, then come out of the pot.

Yimi Yam Paigu Decoction

Efficacy: invigorate spleen, infiltrate dampness and invigorate Qi

Material: 50g coix, 50g yam and 100g spareribs

Practice: After all the ingredients are ready, they are poured into the pot together, and the soup is cooked in accordance with the usual steps. Finally, salt is added to season the soup and it can be eaten.

Maintaining oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is directly related to the health of the body or not. The benefits of oral teeth affect the absorption of nutrition. Therefore, we should pay attention to oral hygiene and observe the state of teeth in order to avoid the aging and bad teeth.

Men have big fists, big noses and ears, which are the characteristics of longevity. They can also massage these places in order to achieve the goal of longevity. But the way of longevity is not only these, men pay attention to exercise, oral hygiene and good mentality in daily life, but also can achieve the goal of longevity.

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