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Men Men with seminal vesiculitis simply can not keep the "little tadpole" home! Tadpole,home,hold on,way,come on,bursitis,root,man October 12, 2019

Seminal Vesiculitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in men. The age of onset is mostly between 20 and 40 years old. The main clinical manifestations of seminal vesiculitis are bleeding and hemospermia. However, there are acute and chronic symptoms, and individual differences are great. The clinical manifestations are different. Seminal vesiculitis, especially chronic seminal vesiculitis with chronic prostatitis, is more difficult to treat. Sperm Vesiculitis is the most easily overlooked sperm killer. Once a man has seminal vesiculitis, there is no way to keep the "little tadpole" home!

Misunderstanding of seminal vesiculitis

Seminal Vesiculitis patients often face three misunderstandings. As long as they are correctly familiar with the serious consequences of these misunderstandings and correct them in time, they can still hope to cure the disease.Specifically as follows:

Misunderstanding 1,Think that seminal vesiculitis is a minor problem, endure will pass, resulting in destruction of the glandular antimicrobial properties, and ultimately endless illness.

Misunderstanding 2,Selection of non-professional medical institutions for treatment, the result is lack of correct diagnosis and accurate typing and can not be treated scientifically and justly, resulting in repeated delays in seminal vesiculitis, ultimately losing confidence, mistaken for seminal vesiculitis is a life-long disease.

Misunderstanding 3,The more time goes by, the heavier the psychological burden, the more painful the spirit, the more difficult the disease is to cure.

Three Nursing Methods of Seminal Vesiculitis

Seminal Vesiculitis relies only on medication, and patients must pay attention to self-care if they want to recover as soon as possible.

1. Strengthen Exercise to Enhance Physical FitnessTo avoid upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, timely treatment of dental caries, prevention of diarrhea, active treatment of infections in other parts of the body, improve the body's disease resistance.

2. Eat light, pay attention to dietary hygieneDo not drink alcohol (including beer), do not eat spicy stimulating food, so as not to cause prostate congestion; abstain from masturbation, control sexual life, no more than once a week, taboo interruption of sexual intercourse.

3. Avoid excessive sexual activity to reduce the degree of sexual organ congestion Patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis can receive seminal vesicle prostatic massage regularly (1-2 times a week). One is to improve the blood supply of prostate and seminal vesicle, and the other is to promote the excretion of inflammatory substances. Combination of work and rest, avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy stimulating food.

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