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Women How to correct nipple invagination and how to correct mild and severe nipple invagination are different Method,severe,different,mild,invagination,how to do,how to correct,nipple October 12, 2019

Involution of nipples refers to the fact that the nipples of women do not protrude on the surface of areola, some of them even depressed on the skin, and some of them are like craters.

Experts point out that inverted nipples are mainly congenital, but can also be caused by trauma or surgery, breast tumors and fibrosis after mastitis. Congenital inverted nipple is mainly due to the dysplasia of smooth muscle of nipple and areola. These muscle fibers are pulled inward, and lack of support tissue under nipple leads to the formation of inverted nipple.

How to correct inverted nipple

Invasion usually occurs bilaterally, or unilaterally. The inverted nipple, if slightly squeezed or pulled, can be recovered, that is, mild inverted nipple, also known as reversible inverted nipple. This kind of nipple inversion can be corrected by non-surgical conservative treatment. The best time to treat it is before marriage or early pregnancy. Specific methods include manual traction and instrument traction. Severe invagination requires surgical traction.

1. Manual pull. Girlhood is an important period of breast development and correction of nipple inversion. Often pull the nipple, can make double breast prominent, surrounding skin support increased, play a "stereotyping" role. Several times a day. Over time, the nipples naturally gradually bulge outward. If you can't pull it out, you can push the skin near the nipple out first.

2. Attraction therapy. After pregnancy, the nipple is sucked several times a day with a suction device, and the nipple is pushed out by its negative pressure.

How to correct inverted nipple? What complications may inverted nipple cause? What harm does inverted nipple do?

3. Use nipple corrector. It is a method to treat flat or sunken nipples. For mild and moderate inverted nipples, the effect is obvious.

4. Surgical treatment. Aiming at the situation that the degree of invagination is serious and it can not be pulled out of areola by hand. Mainly through surgery, the inverted traction of papillary muscle fiber bundles were thoroughly released, and the surrounding tissue of the breast was filled in the base of the papilla, in order to enhance the supporting force to the papilla and achieve the purpose of papilla bulge. This operation needs anesthesia. There are many types of operation. It can be chosen purposefully according to its own conditions.

What complications may be caused by inverted nipples

(1) Local infection. The invagination of nipple makes local cleaning difficult, easy to accumulate dirt and cause infection, causing chronic complications, local accumulation of exudates, and some even give off odor, skin erosion and other symptoms.

(2) Lactation is difficult. Because of nipple invagination, local can not be cleaned, milk deposit, and even secondary infection can cause acute mammary inflammation.

(3) Beauty. The inverted nipples will affect the beauty of women, and need plastic treatment.

What are the hazards of inverted nipples

1. Lack of milk drainage in parturients can lead to blockage of breast ducts and accumulation of milk, which can facilitate the occurrence of acute mastitis and breast abscess. If mothers never breast-feed, they can also increase the chance of breast cancer.

Second, the nipple can not be exposed, the mother can not breast-feed, the baby can not suck milk, thus affecting the development of the baby.

3. The nipple is deeply embedded in areola skin. Some pits can not be washed for a long time. Releases and pollutants can not be eliminated. It emits odor, which can easily cause nipple areola inflammation, even bleeding and erosion, and cause chronic inflammation.

Fourth, nipple depression damages women's chest fitness and loses the line they should have.

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