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Women Is your palace cold? Look at menstruation! Know,menstruation,cold? Look at your palace. October 12, 2019

When the temperature drops, hands and feet are cold, wrapped in dumplings or afraid of cold. When I come to my aunt, it hurts like there is a meat grinder in my abdomen. If you have these symptoms, you need to know about Palace cold. Gong Han is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine. If there is Gong Han, the most obvious change is still in menstruation.

Four kinds of menstrual conditions, indicating that Gonghan has found you

1, dysmenorrhea

Chinese medicine has the saying of "ten pains and nine cold", that is, ten dysmenorrhea, nine of which have gong cold.

Because "blood coagulates when it meets cold", menstruation is originally blood to be discharged. As a result, blood is blocked in the uterus and cannot be discharged because of cold in the uterus.

If the blood does not flow normally, it will cause dysmenorrhea; if the blood is expelled smoothly, it will not feel pain.

This kind of dysmenorrhea caused by palace cold can be alleviated by drinking hot water, warm baby, warm handbag and other heating tools to keep the lower abdomen warm.

2. Hypomenorrhea

If you have very little menstruation every month, it will be over in two to three days. It may also be a chilling ghost in the palace. Because palace cold can cause bloodless, flow rate decreases, and menstrual volume decreases accordingly. During the period of aunt, it is not appropriate to wash her hair, which will cause the uterus to be cold and lead to sudden arrest of menstruation.

3. Blood clots in menstruation

As I said before, blood will coagulate when it is cold, so if it is cold in the uterus, it is easy for blood to accumulate in the uterus.

The last thing to be discharged from the body is not blood, but small blood clots.

If you have a lot of blood clots in your menstrual blood, you should think of Gonghan at the first time.

4. Darkening of menstrual color

If the uterus suffers from cold, blood flow slows down, blood is not smooth, in the body silt for a long time, the color of menstrual blood will darken.

Believe that many people have such experience, the color of the first few days of menstruation are bright red, to the third day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the blood is dark or even black. This is the palace cold, resulting in late aunt, blood can not be normal and rapid elimination, and eventually turned into black blood.

Teach you three simple ways to alleviate cold in the palace

1. Keep warm

Now spring has come, many women have begun to reduce clothes, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, so we should pay more attention to keeping warm, spring cover autumn freeze. Never expose your knees, legs and ankles, especially your waist and abdomen, in order to keep your demeanor warm. Never let them freeze.

Be careful about what you eat in your mouth. Don't eat cold food during menstruation. You think, a cold bite to eat, five Zang-organs and six viscera have to mobilize blood to warm it, very hurt the body.

2. Eat more warm food

March spring returns to the earth, but the temperature is still cold, people have not yet come out of the winter cold, this time we still need to eat more warm food. For example: beef, mutton, old hen, garlic, leek and so on.

Early spring warm tonic can choose beef stewed white radish, the spicy white radish can absorb the smell of beef, the tender beef can neutralize the spicy white radish, the taste is excellent, and white radish has the name of underground ginseng, diuretic detumescence, elimination of body toxins, at the same time, white radish vitamin B, vitamin C, trace elements zinc, calcium, iron content is rich, with beef nutrition more. Well, beef is very valuable in red meat. In spring, eat a plate of beef stewed with radish to resist the cold in early spring.

3, feet soaking

The sole of the foot contains acupoints throughout the whole body. Bubble feet can not only drive cold and warm, alleviate fatigue, but also promote the movement of women's body Qi and blood, dredge channels and collaterals. For women with Gong Han, sticking to foot soaking can also improve the condition of Gong Han.

Cold is the natural enemy of women, you fans and friends must pay attention to the prevention of cold palace, do not be cold beauty oh!

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