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Women These habits have a serious impact on good pregnancy. Have you been recruited? Recruitment,Habits,Serious Influences,Good Pregnancy,Several October 12, 2019

It seems that such a phenomenon is quite common nowadays. That is, when you are young, you don't want to live, but you accidentally get hired. But when the family and financial resources are all ready, they will never be able to conceive. In addition to the causes of the disease, see if you have the following bad habits.

Stay up late

I believe everyone knows that staying up late hurts, so I suggest you stay up all night. Just kidding! It is self-evident that staying up all night hurts the body. In the case of long-term sleep deprivation, it is easy to lead to female endocrine disorders, and then affect the ovaries, resulting in ovulation disorders. Ovulation problems, good pregnancy will naturally be affected.


Girls nowadays are mostly obsessed with good figure. If you don't like exercise, many people control their weight by dieting. Weight control is good, but in the long run, inadequate nutrition intake, poor physical fitness, egg vitality will also decline, which will affect good pregnancy.

Partial eclipse

This one doesn't like to eat, and this one doesn't like to eat either. This one likes to eat, so eat more. In the long run, the direct result is an unbalanced nutritional intake, with which the success rate of good pregnancy will decline. Even if the pregnancy is successful, it is not a good thing for the pregnant mother and the fetus.

No movement

Without exercise, obesity is prone to occur, and obesity can lead to a variety of diseases, of which polycystic ovary is one of them. Polycystic ovulation disorder, good pregnancy will naturally be affected. If you go on a diet to lose weight, it also has an impact on good pregnancy.

Love junk food

Junk food is really delicious! But trans fats in junk food are invisible killers of women's pregnancy. Trans fats can increase women's risk of infertility by more than 70%. Common trans fat processed foods are: French fries, potato chips, puffs, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream and so on.

In order to get pregnant, these bad habits must be changed in time!

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