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Women Uterine maintenance should be emphasized, and these four methods should be kept in mind. Four,methods,remember,value,uterus,maintenance October 12, 2019

The uterus is the place where women conceive their babies, and it is also one of the important reproductive organs of women. Therefore, if the uterus has problems, normal menstruation will be affected and lead to pregnancy difficulties, and if serious, it may also cause infertility. Therefore, women must pay attention to uterine maintenance, uterine maintenance before pregnancy is indispensable.

1. Artificial abortion should be avoided

This is the most harmful factor to the uterus, which will inevitably damage the endometrium during the operation. Therefore, if there is no intention of pregnancy, contraceptive measures must be done well. Artificial abortion has a great impact on the body, so we must try to avoid, to be responsible for their own body.

2. Proper Physical Exercise

There are many sports, fast walking and swimming are better for uterine maintenance. You can try to walk fast for half an hour every day, which will effectively improve the speed of uterine blood circulation. Swimming once or twice a week can not only improve the contraction ability, but also maintain the temperature of the uterus.

3. Eat less high-fat food

High-fat foods, if consumed too much, may promote the production and release of some hormones. So to maintain the uterus, women try to avoid eating too much high-fat food, adhere to a low-fat diet, eat less spicy stimulation or cold food, to ensure a balanced nutrition.

4. Try to do warm palace exercises

It is also very effective to do warm palace exercises several times a week. The knees are naturally separated, kneeling on a mat or bed, the waist is straight and forward, and the chest needs to be as close as possible to the mat or bed for a few minutes. Then lie down and do the abdomen-closing and hip-lifting exercises. Keep your hips in the air for 3-5 minutes.

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