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Gym Spring Exercise Should Pay Attention to Don't Let Fitness Become Injurious Fitness,becoming,hurting,exercising,attention,tens of millions,spring October 12, 2019

A year's plan lies in spring. Spring is a season that many people like to exercise, but in spring exercise should pay attention to the following six points:

Exercise should not be done abruptly

Before exercising, we should do some simple limb exercises to prevent brachial strain and muscle sprain.

No exercise in foggy weather

Fog contains a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. As the amount of breathing increases during exercise, more harmful substances will be absorbed into the lungs.

Do not breathe with your mouth while exercising

Exercise should cultivate the habit of breathing with the nose, because there are many hairs in the nose, it can filter the air, so that the trachea and lungs are not affected by dust, bacteria.

Keeping warm should not be neglected in exercise

When you start exercising, you should not take off your coat immediately, wait for your body to get slightly hot, then gradually reduce your clothes. When you finish exercising, you should wipe your sweat and put on your clothes immediately in case you catch cold.

Do not exercise on an empty stomach

In addition to low blood sugar, blood viscosity, low temperature and vasoconstriction in Zhaochen may cause sudden death due to hypoglycemia and heart disease.

It's not advisable to get up early and go out for exercise

The air in Zhaozhan is not fresh. Only around 4 p.m. is the air rich in negative oxygen ions. So the concept of chicken dancing should be updated.

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