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Gym What runners have to know to protect their knees from injuries Understanding,must,runner,protection,knee,injury,in order to October 12, 2019

In sports, the knee is the most important joint of the human body, at the same time, it is also the most vulnerable joint. Every long-term runner will encounter knee pain more or less. When running, the strength is mainly on the foot, but many people rely on the leg to exert, which can easily lead to knee pain. So, how to reduce knee pain caused by running

1. Warm-up

Warm up before you start running, and do enough. You can jog for a while and stretch your joints to make them fully active.

2. Good running shoes

A pair of good running shoes is the necessary equipment for runners. When choosing running shoes, we should consider not only the cushioning effect of running soles, but also the foot shape.

3. Exercise leg muscle strength

The key to keeping the knee intact or less injured is the strength of the leg muscles. Squatting is the best way to exercise leg muscle strength. In addition, squatting can also protect the knee joint. However, this training method needs to be adhered to for a long time.

4, posture

When running, we should pay attention to the correct running posture, especially the direction of the knee and the toe, so as to avoid the knee joint bearing too much strength.

5. Use kneepad

In running, kneepad can lighten the burden on the knee of the athlete. Although kneepad can not completely protect the knee, it still has a certain auxiliary effect.

6. Ice compress

If conditions permit, after running, you can apply a medical ice bag to your knee. If there is no medical ice bag, you can use plastic bags to pack some crushed ice in the refrigerator and make a simple ice bag. Usually when there is no running, you can hot compress more joints.

7. The ligaments and meniscus of the knee can be examined in a regular hospital.If an injury is found, the doctor's advice should be obeyed, the movement should be stopped, and rehabilitation or surgical treatment should be carried out.

Some runners think that they are young and have a good body foundation. They find that their knees are painful and their patience is gone. This is a great injury to their knees. When you get older and your body functions decline, it's likely that you'll have to undergo knee arthroplasty.

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