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Gym How to deal with wrist sprain How to recover from wrist sprain Sprain,recovery,how,what to do,wrist October 12, 2019


After the wrist is pressed or impacted by gravity, inflammation, such as swelling, local fever and redness, usually occurs in the damaged area and degree. Sometimes these reactions are not obvious, or there may be no inflammation within a few hours after the injury, but only disability (lack of strength, inability of the injured part or more distant limbs to listen, numbness).


Light injury: Generally, there is no obvious swelling and pain is not very serious, only when the wrist joint is greatly moved, there is pain.

Serious sprain: wrist swelling, severe pain, unable to move the wrist joint or when the pain intensified. When the wrist joint is flexed forcefully and pain appears on the back, the injuries of the dorsal carpal ligament and extensor carpi tendon are indicated; on the contrary, the injuries of the palmar carpal ligament or flexor carpi tendon are indicated. If the wrist joint is deflected to the ulnar side by force, the radial collateral ligament will be injured if the radius styloid process is painful; otherwise, the ulnar collateral ligament will be injured. If the wrist movement in all directions is painful, and the movement is obviously limited, it is a complex injury of ligaments, tendons and so on. There were tenderness or abnormal changes of muscle tissue in the injured area. Wrist injuries should be treated in time to prevent ischemic necrosis of scaphoid and crescent bones. Treatment: External application of Huoxue powder and Jiegu powder is the best choice. Oral Shujin Huoxue Decoction: Shujin Tongluo, Xingqi Huoxue.


1. Prescription: 50 g fresh Achyranthes bidentata and 5 g salt. Usage: Wash and mash the foot medicine, add salt, evenly spread the affected area, fix the bandage, change the dressing once a day. Curative effect: once for mild and twice for severe, the effective rate is 100%

2. Prescription: gardenia, frankincense 50 grams each. Usage: At the end of the two medicines, add some rice wine and heat it in a pot, stir it into paste and apply it to the affected area. Drug thickness 1.5 cm, covered with oil paper, gauze dressing, dressing change once in two days. Skin lesions are forbidden. Curative effect: twice medication. The cure rate was 96.4%.

3. If there is continued swelling, immediately find ice cold compress pressure (pressure means a little tighter, but always pay attention to observe the skin color of fingertips, compared with the normal fingertips color, different colors, immediately remove the bandage) bandage, in winter, half an hour is enough!

4. If there is persistent redness, swelling, pain or deformation, it is necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

5. During rehabilitation, the injured hand should not work or do some physical work to prevent re-injury.

6. Every day you can move your palms and wrists properly. You can also do some nursing and physiotherapy.

Avoid injury:

Warm-up exercises must be done before activities to prevent injuries (most of the injuries are not done warming-up exercises). Or not doing it seriously.

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