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Gym The advantage of running often is that you don't know how to startle at it. Look,startle,don't know,don't look,run,benefit,often October 12, 2019

Increase vital capacity

Running can greatly enhance cardiopulmonary function, so friends with small vital capacity can choose to run to exercise, increase their vital capacity and cardiac function.

Strengthen immunity

Immunity is a protective shield against human and external viruses. Running is one of the ways to strengthen immunity. Running can improve the overall quality of human body and add points for health.

Training the whole body muscles

Running is an obvious exercise for human body muscles, which can be further consolidated and strengthened through running. This is also a good way to exercise the whole body muscles.

Help your skeletal muscles and ligaments open slowly

Doing warm-up jogging for other sports can help the skeletal muscles and ligaments of the human body open slowly and play a warm-up role. If you don't warm-up and start vigorous exercise, it is easy to pull the muscle.

Cultivate human neural coordination

Running, although not very difficult, is also a good entry, but running needs to use the human brain, limbs, the coordination of human nerves exercise has a very good effect. It is especially suitable for starting to exercise from childhood.

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