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Archives Understand the symptoms of sinusitis, don't let "common sense" delay the child! Delays,children,sinusitis,symptoms,don't let,understand,common sense October 12, 2019

As for the name of sinusitis, we are all familiar with it, but not everyone knows what the symptoms of sinusitis are, especially the two symptoms of sinusitis and rhinitis are not clear. So what are the symptoms of sinusitis? What causes it? Mothers rush to learn the common sense of sinusitis symptoms, do not let these common sense delay children's health.

Four Symptoms of Sinusitis

1. Obvious nasal obstruction:The symptoms of sinusitis are similar to those of cold, with obvious nasal obstruction. However, when patients with sinusitis have nasal obstruction, headache symptoms are often accompanied. This is because there are more secretions in the nasal obstruction, and the nasal obstruction gradually changes from indirect to persistent.

2. Purulent discharge:Sinusitis patients often runny nose, and more serious, most of the runny nose is purulent or mucopurulent, yellow or yellow-green, the amount is uncertain, more flow to the throat, unilateral odor.

3. Obvious headache:Because of the serious damage of sinusitis and many complications, the patients have obvious headache and dizziness. During the day, the symptoms are more obvious and the nighttime symptoms are lighter.

4. The sense of smell decreased significantly.Sinusitis patients have obvious nasal obstruction, nasal obstruction symptoms are more serious, patients will often open mouth breathing, which can easily lead to the invasion of pathogens.

The above symptoms should be timely medical treatment, sinusitis can not be underestimated, serious will endanger the child's life.

Causes of sinusitis

Understand what symptoms of sinusitis, then we will explain the etiology and pathology of inferior sinusitis, to see what is the cause of sinusitis.

1. Mechanical Blockage

Some diseases of nasal cavity, such as deviation of nasal septum, hypertrophy of middle turbinate, nasal polyp, allergic rhinitis, foreign body in nasal cavity or nasal tumors, directly block the opening of nasal sinus and cause sinusitis.

2. Allergic reaction

When allergic rhinitis or other allergic diseases occur, the mucosa of the turbinate is highly edematous. The edematous mucosa can cause sinus orifice blockage and sinusitis. At the same time, there are allergic changes in sinus mucosa, which is more likely to be secondary to bacterial infection.

3. Infection

Mainly occurs after a cold, treatment is not timely, or not thorough, inflammation from the nasal cavity spread to the surrounding tissues such as sinuses and caused. If a cold recurs, and persistent runny nose, nasal obstruction, dyspnea, cough, headache, snoring and other conditions occur, about a week can be converted into acute sinusitis.

However, regardless of the cause of sinusitis, its harm to patients is still quite great. Sinusitis can cause headache, dizziness, brain swelling, insomnia, forgetfulness, distress, easily lose temper, students'academic performance gradually declines, sleepiness and indifference, and lack of concentration. And the incidence is relatively high, especially the proportion of young people is relatively large, affecting learning and work, should be treated as soon as possible.

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