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Archives What are the ways to prevent sciatica? Which,methods,after all,sciatica,neuralgia,prevention October 12, 2019

Sciatica is common. Especially when sitting for a long time, it will cause blockage of blood and easily lead to disease. We should pay attention to the existence of this disease, understand some preventive work in life, and pay attention to the development of the disease. For example, the usual sitting posture, sleeping posture and diet. So, what are the prevention methods of sciatica?

Prevention of sciatica

1, sitting posture

The correct sitting position is straight upper body, abdomen closure, lower jaw slightly retracted, two lower limbs close together. If possible, it is better to place a foot or footstool under both feet to make the knee slightly higher than the hip. The prevention of this kind of sciatica is quite common.

2. Sleeping posture

Sleep posture can be roughly divided into three types: supine, lateral and prone. When lying on the back, the curvature of the spine does not change much as long as the bedding is suitable and the limbs are stretched naturally. This also belongs to the prevention of sciatica.

3, standing posture

The correct standing posture is knee joint flexion, natural abdomen closure, chest raising, so that the center of gravity of the body from the mastoid behind the ear down through the central transverse axis of the hip joint, the front of the second sacrum, to the front of the knee joint and ankle joint, landing on the weight-bearing foot. This is also one of the prevention methods of sciatica.

4, Lu Zi

Walking posture is short for road posture. To prevent sciatica, walking posture is also very important. When walking, hold your head high and chest straight, do not shake, avoid increasing the pressure of cervical spine. The relaxation of cervical pressure can also effectively reduce the occurrence of sciatica.

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