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Archives Frequent sleepiness, beware of the characteristics and hazards of narcolepsy Sleepiness,hazards,characteristics,sleepiness,often,be careful October 12, 2019

Insomnia as a disease has attracted more and more attention, but, contrary to insomnia, drowsiness, most people may have the question: Is it not good to sleep soundly? But often sleepiness beware of drowsiness, the following together to understand the characteristics and harm of drowsiness.

What is sleepiness?

Narcolepsy, also known as excessive sleep, is a neurofunctional disease, which can cause the occurrence of irrepressible sleep. Sleepiness can occur at any stage, and most of it occurs at inappropriate times, such as when talking, eating or driving. Although sleep can occur at any time, it most often occurs in inactive or monotonous, repetitive stages of activity. When it occurs during the period of activity, there is a possibility of danger.

Narcolepsy has three main characteristics:

(1) Excessive sleep during the day or sleep episodes, sleep episodes can not be explained by insufficient sleep time, and the transition time to complete awakening prolongs when awake.

(2) This sleep disorder occurs every day, lasting for more than one month or repeated sleep attacks, causing obvious distress or affecting work or family life.

3. Exclude daytime sleepiness and paroxysmal sleepiness caused by various organic diseases. The incidence of sleepiness is mainly related to psychological factors.

Harm of narcolepsy

cause physical weakness

When a person is active, the heart beats faster, the contractility of the myocardium increases, and the blood flow increases. When a person is resting, the heart is also resting. If you sleep for a long time, it will destroy the law of heart activity and rest. After a rest, the heart will rest again, and finally make the heart contract weakly. If you exercise a little, your heart will be beating and tired. The whole body is weak, so they have to lie down, forming a vicious circle, leading to physical weakness.

(2) Toxicity to Breathing

Bedroom air is the most turbid in the morning, even if the window is concealed, there are 30% of the air can not be circulated. There are a lot of bacteria, viruses, carbon dioxide and dust in dirty air. This has an effect on the disease resistance of the respiratory tract, so those who sleep in closed doors often have colds, coughs, pharyngitis, etc. High levels of carbon dioxide can reduce memory and hearing.

(3) Influencing gastrointestinal function

Generally speaking, a moderate dinner had been digested by about 7 o'clock the next morning. At this moment, the stomach and intestines begin to move according to the "hunger" message, ready to accept new food. Because bedridden people do not eat in time, stomach and intestine often suffer from hunger peristalsis, gastritis and gastric ulcer are easy to get for a long time.

Reminder:In our country, 30% of the people suffer from narcolepsy more or less. If patients'friends find themselves suffering from narcolepsy, timely treatment is the most critical, and serious treatment can ensure their health.

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