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Archives What should we pay attention to when women can wash their hair and abort in a few days after abortion? Postpartum,which,matters needing attention,yes,a few days,women,Shampoo October 12, 2019

Abortion is a common phenomenon in today's society. With the change of the concept of men and women, abortion is not so taboo. But many people do not know what should be paid attention to after abortion? For example, abortion is also called "Xiaoyuezi", so how long can you wash your hair after abortion? Let's take a look at it.

Shampoo several days after abortion

As we all know, after abortion, we usually need to rest for half a month or one month, which is called "Xiaoyuezi" by the people. At this time, usually two weeks can wash your hair, it is best to use warm water, after shampooing, pay attention to timely drying, avoid being stimulated by cold water and wind chill, prevent colds, do not bathe, in order to avoid future problems.

generally speaking

Unexpected pregnant women had better take a good shampoo and bath before induced abortion. Generally, after painless abortion, try not to wash their hair on the same day, so as not to catch cold. Really want to wash, shampoo temperature must not be too low, after washing should be quickly dried with electric (hot) air. Shampoo can be washed 2 weeks after abortion operation, it is best to use warm water, after shampoo, pay attention to timely drying, avoid being stimulated by cold water and cold, prevent colds, do not bathe.

Attentions after abortion

1. Enhancing nutrition

More or less blood loss after abortion, coupled with pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy stage, will generally make the body weaker after abortion, some people will also appear mild anemia. Therefore, after abortion should eat more nutritious supplements, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. Such as lean meat, fish, eggs, chicken, milk, seafood, soybean products, etc.

2. Don't rush to get pregnant again

It takes 4-5 months for the endometrium to return to normal completely after abortion. During this period, it should be strictly prevented from re-pregnancy, because if the endometrium does not return to normal, pregnancy will have adverse effects on fetal growth and subsequent production.

3. Pay attention to personal hygiene

When abortion occurs, it takes some time for the cervical orifice to open and close completely. Therefore, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene after abortion. To keep the pudenda clean, the underwear should be washed and changed frequently, and not bathed in the tub for half a month. It should also be pointed out that within one month after the abortion, the uterus has not yet fully recovered. Sexual life should be strictly prohibited in order to prevent infection.

4. Rest well to prevent overwork

After abortion, you should stay in bed for two weeks. You should not take part in manual labor too early to prevent excessive fatigue and cold and dampness. Otherwise, uterine prolapse is prone to occur.

Above is the precautions after abortion, female friends should not be careless after abortion, pay attention to strengthen nutrition in the usual diet, maintain a happy mood, pay attention to personal hygiene. Keep these points in mind in your daily life. I hope I can help you.

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