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Archives Causes of habitual abortion What are the symptoms of habitual abortion Habitual,Abortion,Symptoms,What,Causes,Causes October 12, 2019

Hearing of "habitual abortion", many expectant mothers will feel afraid. Once you have this disease, it's not easy to keep your baby. Habitual abortion usually refers to more than three spontaneous abortions, and with the improvement of quality of life, more than two pregnancies will be paid attention to. So what are the causes of habitual abortion? What are the symptoms of habitual abortion?

Causes of habitual abortion

1. luteal insufficiency

Owing to hypoplasia or premature degeneration of corpus luteum, inadequate progesterone secretion, or delayed or stagnated endometrial development in secretory phase caused by decreased endometrial responsiveness to progesterone, or asynchrony of matrix and gland development, which affects the implantation of pregnant eggs.

2. Chromosome abnormalities

If the chromosome abnormalities of both spouses or one or the other of the embryos lead to the abnormal development of the embryos, spontaneous abortion often occurs, because some embryos have abnormal chromosomes of their parents. Chromosome abnormalities should be judged according to the types of abnormalities, and prenatal diagnosis should be made to ensure good birth and fertility.

3. Environmental factors

Excessive exposure to harmful chemicals (such as arsenic, lead, benzene, formaldehyde, chlorobutadiene, ethylene oxide, etc.) and physical factors (such as radiation, noise and high temperature) can cause abortion.

4. Maternal factors

Acute diseases, high fever, bacterial toxins or viruses (herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, etc.), severe anemia or heart failure, chronic nephritis or hypertension, reproductive organ diseases (such as uterine malformation, double uterus, mediastinal uterus and uterine dysplasia), pelvic tumors (such as uterine myoma), hypothyroidism, uncontrolled severe diabetes mellitus, intraplacental score Deficiency of secretory function can lead to abortion.

5. Immune factors

If the immunity of both mother and child is not suitable, the rejection of the embryo by the mother may lead to abortion.

Symptoms of habitual abortion

I. Early symptoms

1. A little vaginal bleeding

Women with early symptoms of habitual abortion and general abortion are the same, their vaginal bleeding may continue for several days, or may continue for several weeks, but the blood volume is generally less. If female friends have more blood, it means that women will have abortion, and can not avoid the occurrence of abortion.

2. Lower abdominal pain

Female friends will have a dull pain in the lower abdomen after habitual abortion, usually accompanied by a small amount of bleeding in the female vagina. If female friends have a dull pain in the lower abdomen and symptoms of vaginal bleeding, then it needs attention.

3. Exclusion of pregnancy

When a female friend discharges a part of the pregnancy in the uterus, it is called incomplete abortion that part of the pregnancy remains in the uterus; if the pregnancy in the uterus is totally excreted from the female body, then it is called complete abortion. When this happens, women should go to the hospital in time to do the corresponding uterine clearance, so as to avoid the pregnancy in the body triggering the female. Sexual infection occurs.

2. Late symptoms of habitual abortion

Increased vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain: when the cervix is examined, dilatation can be found, or the foetal sac is blocked at the cervical orifice, then habitual abortion will inevitably occur.

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