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Avoid What can cholecystitis patients not eat? Dietary contraindications for cholecystitis Cholecystitis,diet,taboos,what,patients,can eat October 12, 2019

If we have unexplained abdominal pain, don't think it's nothing. We should go to the hospital in time for some examinations, because it is likely to be symptoms of cholecystitis. Cholecystitis is a disease that occurs mainly because people don't pay attention to their diet in their daily life. After the emergence of this disease, the patient's health is very harmful, so patients should not ignore their own diet, to pay attention to their own life, then what are the dietary taboos of cholecystitis patients?

Dietary Taboos in Patients with Cholecystitis

1. Reduce cholesterol intake

First, cholecystitis patients in the usual diet to reduce cholesterol intake, because 80% of cholecystitis patients are caused by excessive cholesterol in the body. A normal person should consume between 0.3 and 1 L grams of cholesterol a day, not more than that amount. Foods with high cholesterol include egg yolk, pig brain, bovine brain, sheep liver, eel and so on.

2. Eat less greasy food

We know that bile is used to help people digest fat, so people eat greasy food, will secrete a lot of bile, causing gallbladder contraction, patients more uncomfortable. Therefore, cholecystitis patients can not eat too greasy food.

3. Not Suitable for Drinking Too Much Milk

Most of the proteins contained in milk are caseins which are not easy to digest, and have certain stimulating effect on intestinal tract. And the fat digestion in milk needs to use the human body's bile, so patients with cholecystitis drink milk will increase the burden of the gallbladder, making the condition worse.

4. Avoid spicy food

It is one of the taboo principles for patients with biliary disease to avoid greasy and savings. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that cholecystitis and gallstones are mostly caused by dampness and heat. Fatty and spicy food can help moisturize and heat up, so it should be avoided.

Common spicy and stimulating foods are: pepper, chili oil, spicy powder, curry powder, pepper powder, etc.

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