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Avoid What are the dietary taboos of trichomonal vaginitis? What can women not eat? What,patients,can eat,women,diet,vaginitis,trichomonas,taboos October 12, 2019

Trichomonas vaginitis is one of the common gynecological inflammation. There are many reasons leading to Trichomonas vaginitis. Of course, if you want trichomonas vaginitis to be quick and good, you should pay attention to dietary taboos. The following are the dietary taboos of Trichomonas vaginitis.

Dietary contraindications for trichomonal vaginitis

1. Avoid sweet and greasy food:Fatty food such as lard, butter, butter, high-sugar food such as chocolate, dessert, etc., these foods can help moisturize and heat, increase the secretion of leucorrhea, and affect the treatment effect, dry and hot products, such as mutton do not eat.

2. Avoid spicy food:Spicy food is easy to get hot and dry, make visceral heat and toxic accumulation, appear before and after the symptoms of itching and pain, they can help fire inflammation, aggravate symptoms.

3. The dietary taboos of trichomonal vaginitis patients are also, taboo fat and fatFried spicy food, such as pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, seafood, beef, etc.

4. Avoid seafood hair:Seafood such as shrimp, crab and shellfish can aggravate itching. Fish, shrimp, crab and other fishy products will contribute to dampness and heat, after eating can make vulva itching aggravate, not conducive to the disappearance of inflammation, so should avoid eating.

5. Avoid tobacco and alcohol:This is because nicotine in tobacco can weaken the combination of arterial blood and oxygen, and alcohol can promote dampness and heat, so it should be taboo. Likewise, alcoholic diets such as wine brewing, medicinal liquor and so on are not suitable for drinking.

How to eat healthily for trichomonal vaginitis?

1. Patients with trichomonal vaginitis should choose foods with certain antimicrobial effects, such as garlic, onion, purslane, houttuynia, Malan head, chrysanthemum brain, etc. Diet should be light and nutritious.

2. What should we pay attention to in the diet of trichomonal vaginitis? Food should be light and light. Japonica rice, glutinous rice, yam, lentils, lotus seeds, lilies, dates, cinnamon, chestnuts, black sesame, black soybean, walnut kernels and eggs should supplement the nutrition needed by the body.

3. Patients with trichomonal vaginitis should eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as wheat, sorghum, gourd, honey, tofu, chicken, leek, milk and so on; they should eat more fruits and fresh vegetables.

There are many reasons leading to trichomonal vaginitis. Once trichomonal vaginitis occurs, we must go to the hospital to find out the cause and actively treat it. Generally speaking, trichomonal vaginitis can be cured after symptomatic treatment. Wish you health!

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