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Avoid Get asthmatic bronchitis can't eat these things! Things,these,can eat,wheeze,bronchitis,got October 12, 2019

If we want to control the condition of asthmatic bronchitis effectively, we should treat it in time. At the same time, we should also have some taboos on diet. We should not eat disorderly so as to avoid aggravating the condition. So, what are the dietary precautions for asthmatic bronchitis? What foods can not be eaten in life? The following kinds of food for patients to yo ah avoid eating.

Dietary contraindications for asthmatic bronchitis

I. Don't eat cold food.

People suffering from asthmatic bronchitis can not eat cold food. Most of the patients with asthmatic bronchitis have insufficient Yang Qi in lungs, spleens and kidneys. Therefore, for those colder foods, the reaction is greater, which will lead to spasm of organs, obstruction of sputum discharge, and aggravation of cough.

2. Do not eat spicy or fried food

For spicy and fried food, it is best not to eat, which will lead to indigestion, consumption of body fluid, so that patients appear phlegm symptoms, and then aggravate the condition.

3. No Smoking

If there are smokers in the family, smoking is prohibited indoors, thinking that smoke contains a variety of harmful substances to the respiratory tract, which will stimulate the respiratory tract, damage the respiratory tract, secondary lie, and do not let patients go to crowded places, do a good job of daily protection.

Reminder:Patients with asthmatic bronchitis need timely and standardized treatment. At the same time, they should also take more vitamins and protein supplements, and drink more water to keep the respiratory tract open. It is best for those who are weak to actively exercise and improve their physical fitness.

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