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Avoid Seminal Vesiculitis patients can not eat what three major dietary contraindications of seminal vesiculitis Cystitis,diet,taboos,what,patients,can eat October 12, 2019

Seminal vesicle inflammation patients can not eat anything? Seminal vesicle inflammation is mostly caused by infection of adjacent organs or prostatitis congestion caused by bacterial sensation, and its harm is very great. In order to cure and recover early, some male patients want to promote the cure of seminal vesicle inflammation through daily dietary health care. Therefore, they are very concerned about, what foods are forbidden by seminal vesicle inflammation?

Three dietary taboos of seminal vesiculitis

1. Fasting on Tobacco and Alcohol

Smoking can affect the prostate of men, causing prostate congestion, etc. Prostate congestion leading to bacterial infection of seminal vesicles is an important reason for the onset of seminal vesicles inflammation, therefore, patients should prohibit smoking.

At the same time, patients with seminal vesiculitis should not drink alcohol. Alcohol can also dilate blood vessels, causing prostate congestion and worsening the condition of seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, it is also prohibited. It is suggested that patients with long-term drinking habits should drink as little as possible or not, otherwise the cure of seminal vesiculitis will be a great obstacle.

2. Fasting Spicy Food

Patients with seminal vesiculitis should be kept away from spicy food. Including onion, raw garlic, pepper, pepper and other spicy stimulating food. These foods can easily cause vasodilation and organ congestion, prolong inflammation or aggravate the disease, and make the disease persistent and recurring. Therefore, patients must pay attention to the diet of these foods.

3. Taboo greasy food

Seminal Vesiculitis patients should mainly eat light diet, in addition to not eating spicy stimulating food, should also eat less or try not to eat greasy food. In addition to the high calorie and local vasodilation caused by greasy food, some non-digestible food will burden the body, which is also unfavorable for the cure of the disease.

Men with seminal vesiculitis not only need to pay more attention to diet, but also learn scientific treatment to get rid of the trouble of seminal vesiculitis. In daily diet, patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, crude grains and soybean products.

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