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Archives What are the benefits of Shengmai Yin? The efficacy and effect of Shengmai Yin Pulse,function,efficacy,benefits,what,take October 12, 2019

Shengmai Yin is a traditional Chinese medicine prescription. It is made of ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra chinensis, Codonopsis pilosula and other traditional Chinese medicines. After purification and processing, the Chinese patent medicines are obtained. Now the Shengmai Yin on the market is mostly yellow-brown or reddish-brown clarified liquid, slightly fragrant, slightly sour, sweet and bitter. People can benefit from Qiangxin and nourish Yin and Shengjin after taking it. So what's the benefit of taking Shengmai Drink? Next, let's look at the efficacy and effect of Shengmai Drink.

1. Supplementing Qi and Strengthening Heart

Shengmai Yin contains a certain amount of ginsenoside, which has the important effect of Invigorating Qi and strengthening the body, and people can supplement Lung Qi after taking it, and can prevent the consumption of vital energy. It has obvious conditioning effect on human body weakness, depression of mid-qi, weakness and other adverse symptoms. In addition, when heart function declines, Shengmai Yin can be taken in time. Certain benefits.

2. Prevention of heatstroke

Shengmai Yin, a Chinese patent medicine, can not only invigorate Qi and nourish health, but also prevent heatstroke, because it uses some Ophiopogon japonicus in processing, which contains polysaccharides and plays an important role in nourishing yin and clearing heat. When it is made into Shengmai Yin, its effect will be better exerted. When people take Shengmai Yin in summer, not only can they prevent heatstroke, but also can make people heatstroke. The discomfort will soon be relieved.

3. Improving cardiac function

Shengmai Decoction has a very positive effect on human heart. It can not only dilate coronary artery, promote blood circulation, but also nourish myocardium, enhance myocardial contractility, maintain normal metabolism of myocardium and reduce oxygen consumption of myocardium. People can take Shengmai Decoction in time when they have adverse symptoms such as hypofunction of heart, myocardial weakness and myocardial ischemia. Relieving physical discomfort and enhancing cardiac function.

4. Regulation of microcirculation

In daily life, people take some Shengmai Drink in moderation, which can also regulate microcirculation and eliminate inflammation in the body. It has certain benefits for maintaining normal work of human organs and normal metabolism of human body.

Warm tips:Some people take Shengmai drink, but there will be abdominal discomfort and pain, nausea and vomiting and other adverse reactions, which has a lot to do with the body and dosage of the users. Normally, people should not take Shengmai drink more than 20 ml at a time. Excessive use of Shengmai drink is not beneficial to the body.

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