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Archives What are the benefits of Ligustrum lucidum to human body? The efficacy and function of Ligustrum lucidum Privet,efficacy,function,what,human body,benefits October 12, 2019

Ligustrum lucidum is a traditional Chinese medicine with high medicinal value. According to the records of "Classic Shu of Materia Medica", "Ligustrum lucidum, which smells Yin, is the essence of removing heat and tonifying essence from the kidney. If the kidney is tonified, the five zang organs will be at ease, spiritual self-sufficiency, all diseases will be gone and the body will be fat and healthy". What is the benefit of Ligustrum lucidum to the human body? Next, let's look at the efficacy and function of Ligustrum Lu

1. Nourishing Kidney and Benefiting Liver

It is used for liver and kidney deficiency, bone steaming and fatigue heat, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, waist and knee tenderness, etc. It can be used to treat bone steaming and overwork fever, as well as to treat dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, as well as chrysanthemum, Gastrodia elata, wolfberry and Radix Polygoni multiflorum. It can also be used to treat lumbar and knee soreness, as well as ripe earth, dodder seed, fried Eucommia ulmoides and Sichuan breakage.

2. Ukrainian Inventions

Used for liver and kidney yin deficiency, sperm and blood can not be inherited but must be early white or dim vision. Black hair can be used with lotus, Radix Scrophulariae and black sesame, and can be used with native land, wolfberry, chrysanthemum and sand garden.

3. Other efficacy

Anti-aging: Ligustrum lucidum can significantly inhibit the formation of malondialdehyde (MDA), a lipid peroxidation product in the brain of aged rats. The content of MDA in liver of aged rats was significantly decreased. It can obviously improve the activity of SOD in liver.

Anti-fatigue: Ligustrum lucidum contains ligusticin has anti-fatigue effect. The severity of coronary artery obstruction was significantly reduced, coronary blood flow was increased, serum cholesterol and triglyceride were significantly reduced.

Hypoglycemic: Ligustrum lucidum can reduce the blood sugar of normal mice, resist the increase of blood sugar caused by glucose, and prevent and treat diabetes in mice.

Enzyme lowering: Oleanolic acid of Ligustrum lucidum has the effect of reducing transaminase.

Reminder:Ligustrum lucidum can be used to nourish Yin and tonify Yang Wu, but we should also pay attention to not taking large quantities of it. If we choose to soak it in water after meals, it is better to do so, which can reduce the irritation to intestine and stomach.

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