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Avoid The Taboo Population of Barley Tea Who Is Not Suitable for Drinking Barley Tea Barley,unsuitable,crowd,taboo,what October 12, 2019

Barley fried yellow used for boiling water, or directly brewed with boiling water, is a very delicious barley tea, has a good smell of wheat, burnt aroma, and good stomach warming effect, but not everyone is suitable for barley tea, do you know what the taboo population of barley tea? Let's get to know it.

First, don't drink when you're drunk: Some friends love drinking, so they can't put it down when they pick up their glasses. Ordinary life heard someone say that drinking tea can wake up? In fact, this is a wrong idea. Drinking tea after getting drunk can increase the burden of the heart, which is harmful to health. So is barley tea.

Second, the elderly drink less: barley tea is not suitable for the elderly, because their intestines and stomach are weak, drinking barley tea is not conducive to health oh~

3. Pregnant women should be cautious: Pregnant women should also be cautious when drinking barley tea in autumn, which may lead to the phenomenon of milk return during postpartum breast-feeding. At the same time, barley tea is not conducive to fetal health.

4. Drink cautiously if the intestines and stomach are not good. Although barley tea has the function of regulating the intestines and stomach, it is not suitable for friends who are not good at the intestines and stomach. People with poor intestines and stomach drink barley tea easily aggravate the disease, leading to diarrhea, in short, it is very harmful to health.

Fifth, regular constipation should not be drunk: barley tea contains rich cellulose ingredients, often constipated if drinking too much, the cellulose will stay in the intestinal tract swelling, affecting normal gastrointestinal function, aggravating the symptoms of constipation.

Above is about barley tea taboo crowd related content, I hope to help you. Barley tea is good and tastes delicious, but not everyone can drink it. Besides, it is not suitable for barley tea on an empty stomach.

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