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Avoid What fruit should not be eaten in the evening and which fruit should not be eaten in the evening? Fruit,night,not suitable,what,not suitable,which October 12, 2019

Fruit is a good vitamin supplement for us, and fruit itself contains enzymes, but if you want enzymes to have different effects in the body, you'd better consider the time to eat. What fruits are not suitable for eating at night? Let's get to know it in detail.

1, durian

The content of protein and fat is not high. Sugar index is about 42, which is not very high, but 2/3 of the ingredients are sugar. For people with high blood sugar, hypertension or hypotension, poor cardiac function, gastrointestinal ulcer, durian still needs to be cautious. It is better to eat durian after reducing the amount of food, so as to avoid excessive calorie intake and aggravate the original disease.

2. Cheli

Sugar, rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, iron content in fruit ranks first, is a good product for iron, brain, diabetes patients should not be greedy.

3, extract

The antioxidant substances in the skin and seeds of the leek have preventive effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Sugar content is high. The calories of ten raisins are equal to the calories of two or two rice. Diabetics should not eat more.

4, Sakyamuni

Every 100 grams of Sakyako contains 15.3% to 18.3% of total sugar and 265 mg of vitamin C. Because of its sweet taste, Sakya has a high sugar content. Diabetic patients should be careful to eat.

5. Avocado

Because it is rich in vegetable fat, known as "forest butter", it is a kind of high-energy and low-sugar fruit. From the point of view of health function, avocado has the function of strengthening stomach and clearing intestine, reducing cholesterol and lipid, protecting cardiovascular and liver system and other important physiological functions. Suitable for infants and the elderly to eat, it is recommended to eat one a day. But because of the high fat content of avocado, it is not suitable to eat at night.

6, mango

It is a common tropical fruit with high sugar index. Diabetics should not eat more. It belongs to allergenic food. People with allergic constitution are likely to be allergic if they only touch the peel. Therefore, people with allergic constitution should be careful to eat. Mango soaked in salt water can not reduce the chance of allergy, but improve the taste.

To sum up, eating fruits often has many benefits for the body, because fruits contain vitamins and trace elements. Eating fruits in the morning, all kinds of vitamins and nutrients are easy to absorb. But at night, try to avoid eating fruits, easy to cause a burden on the stomach and intestines.

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