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Men You must understand clearly the harm of premature ejaculation to men Be sure,understand,be clear,human,harmful,premature ejaculation October 13, 2019

(1) The stimulation of semen accumulation:

Unmarried men produce a certain amount of semen due to reproductive organs, which should be discharged in the form of spermatorrhea. Newly-married men, before their first sexual intercourse, have accumulated a considerable amount of semen in their sexual organs, which can produce a full-blown stimulation, just in time for sexual life, will be eager to expel prematurely.

(2) Excessive sexual excitement:

Because in the pre-marital stage of love and intimacy, whether it is the cerebral sexual activity "headquarters" or sexual organs, they are often in a state of high sexual excitement, which inevitably causes the ejaculation center to be in a state of sexual excitement, and the requirement for sexual stimulation is reduced, that is to say, the "threshold" of sexual stimulation is lowered. At the same time, for a newly married man, the first contact with a woman in the form of sexual life, this sexual stimulation is both sudden and very strong, it is not surprising that ejaculation occurs faster.

(3) It is the reason that sexual function has not been fully developed.

It is not a question of sexual function, but a turning point of sexual function when it meets the form of sexual life. In the initial stage, it may not be fully adapted. The various links of neuroendocrine activities have not been completely straightened out. In the initial stage, premature ejaculation will occur. Later, it will gradually adapt to the habit and return to normal.

There are also some reasons because couples haven't seen each other for a long time, and it's normal for them to ejaculate too quickly. Some people think that this is premature ejaculation phenomenon, it is generally believed that premature ejaculation can not be called premature ejaculation when newly married or separated, which is a normal phenomenon.

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